Chiricahua Leopard Frog: Messing with Nature

Jun 17, 2012
The Reptile Report
by Contributing Editor

The Reptile Report - The plight of the Chiricahua Leopard frog begins long ago, in a medical lab when researchers devise a way to use frogs as pregnancy tests. The African Clawed frogs used for this purpose were soon shipped all around the world, carrying with them a deadly fungus known as Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, or Bd for short (at least, that’s the current favorite theory).

Bd was soon turning up in frog habitats everywhere, resulting in catastrophic die-offs, and sometimes leading to the extinction of entire species. The threatened Chiricahua Leopard frog, once found throughout New Mexico and Arizona, is one of the frogs in danger. And Western New Nexico University Professor Randy Jennings is trying to help stop it.

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