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By Robyn Markland : Robyn@TheReptileReport.com

The online reptile community has so many great sources of information, enthusiasts have a hard time keeping up with it all. The Reptile Report brings the best, most interesting news and discussions to one place where users can find topics of interest then link to the source sites.

There are more than 100 active reptile forums. Keeping up with them all is an impossible task. As someone who’s been in the industry for 20+ years, I try to keep current with industry happenings and buzz. I used to follow three big forums every day, and I just didn’t have time to follow any more.

The Reptile Report makes it easy for hobbyists and insiders to stay current on a wide variety of topics. I can easily see what’s going on at my “home” ball python site, and I can also see if anything cool or important is happening in the frog, gecko and monitor worlds. All this without changing my home forum or spending hours looking for interesting and important threads. Where I was staying current and posting in three forums previously, I now post in over 40 different forums a week, and all in less time than I spent browsing just three before.

The Reptile Report is exerting a powerful influence in building and tightening the online reptile community.

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Who is The Reptile Report?

robyn  chad

Robyn Markland and Chad Brown – Owners

The founders of The Reptile Report, Robyn and Chad also founded ShipYourReptiles.com and Pro Exotics Reptiles. They have more than 20 years of experience breeding pythons, boas, colubrids and lizards. They take great pride in the quality of their reptiles and service they have provided to their reptile customers.

The Pro Exotics facility burned down in Fall 2011. After the nightmare of the fire settled down, Robyn and Chad have had a chance to think about projects they’ve wanted to pursue but haven’t had time for. They are excited to focus their energy, knowledge and experience on The Reptile Report.

Emily Cook – Chief Editor, Banner Ad Sales and Management

Emily has been keeping reptiles since she was thirteen years old. Her collection includes ball pythons and several other species of snakes, New Caledonian and other geckos. She is a member of many reptile forums and an owner and administrator of Ball-Pythons.net. In addition to her passion for reptiles, Emily has a B.F.A. in graphic design, which she puts to use doing web design and other online projects.

Judy Clothier – Contributing Editor (Chief Editor 2012–May 2015)

Judy has been actively involved in the online herping community since 2004 when she became one of the administrator/owners of Ball-Pythons.net, helping to grow the once small site into one of the largest and most lively communities on the ‘Net. She is married to a Colonel in the USAF and been an active and supportive military spouse for over twenty years. She would tell you where she lives, but by the time you read this, they’ll have probably picked up and moved again.

Jorden Perrett – Product Development Director

Actively field herping since he was 8, and having kept and bred many species since the mid 80s, Jorden is passionate about working with reptiles, especially in the field. His photography has been published in several books and after 15 years of a sales management career, he shifted focus to web & application development as well as marketing & graphic design which he had been doing on the side since the birth of the Web in the mid-90s. Now he can combine his experience in development with his passion for everything reptile. There are big things brewing and Jorden is thrilled to be a part of it.

Ricky Melamed – Social Media Manager

Ricky Melamed has been a reptile collector since he was a child with his first California King snake at 13 years old. His collection now includes a Red Tail Boa named Chester and several Ball Pythons. Ricky is the founder of Ricky’s Reptiles, which is one of the largest Reptile Facebook pages in Canada and is a self professed ‘Social media addict’.



How does The Reptile Report work?

The Reptile Report’s expert staff combs through news and community sites to find the best, most interesting articles, images, videos and threads.

TRR staff creates a post that creates interest in the content found on existing reptile sites. This post will include a banner for the forum or, when possible, an image that draws interest to the post. Readers click to the site where they can see the content or participate in the discussion.

We are not building a community site to compete with existing forums. We have no plans to build a community, and The Reptile Report has no community forum function.

We are not taking content from forums. We are highlighting the best threads and news items from existing communities, sharing them with a wide reptile audience — through titles, commentary, banners, images and links — and sending fresh eyeballs back to the sites to view the actual content we are highlighting. When we use a photo from a site to create more visual interest, we will post a cropped version. Readers must follow the link back to the forum to see the full photo and the content of the thread.

The Reptile Report will make it easy for everyone to stay current on the buzz and happenings in other species and parts of the industry. This helps build the entire reptile community.

Thanks for visiting!

— Robyn@TRR