Sellers FAQs

This page answers common questions about using The Reptile Report Marketplace (TRRM) as a user and as an advertiser. If you have more questions, email us at


How do I place a banner ad on The Reptile Report?

Placing a banner ad on our site is easy using our online system.

You’ll find all the information you need on this page.


Why does TRRM use tokens?

We gave this matter serious thought. We did not want to use the traditional subscription model, which forces you to buy a long-term account even if you want to place a single ad. We needed a more flexible system, and tokens were the solution. Here are some advantages of our token system:

  • Tokens let us give price breaks to more frequent sellers. The more tokens you buy, the less each ad costs. But: You can still buy a single ad, with no account to buy or long-term commitment, for as low as $3.
  • You can place any level of ad (Silver, Gold or Platinum) in any combination. We feel this is important because some sellers will want to give certain items special treatment while advertising some of their “regular” stuff at a lower cost.
  • Tokens do not expire. You can run your ads tomorrow, next month or next year. Run ads when you want to — without worrying about memberships or account terms. Sorry, there are no refunds on unused tokens.


How much do tokens (and ads) cost?

TRRM offers a wide range of token packages to serve the needs of all sellers, large and small. The more tokens you buy, the less your tokens (and your ads) cost.

We think most sellers will want to start with 1,000 tokens for $125. This will let you run up to 1,000 Silver ads, 500 Gold ads or 250 Platinum ads, in any combination. These ads will cost 12.5¢ per Silver, 25¢ per Gold and 50¢ per Platinum.


How does Buy It Now work?

Our Buy It Now feature allows sellers to close their sales very quickly, without having to deal with credit card gateways, checks, etc. This is a huge help for smaller sellers, and any seller who wants more sales and less hassle. Here’s how Buy It Now works:

When you create an ad, you can activate the Buy It Now option. After you check the checkbox, enter the following information:

  • The email address of the Paypal account you want the payment to go to.
  • Item quantity.
  • Whether customers can buy multiple items.
  • Item price.
  • Shipping and handling fee. This must be a flat rate. If a customer buys multiple items, the system will charge multiple shipping fees. If you like, you can refund part of the fee to your customer.

When your customer clicks the Buy It Now button in your ad, he is taken to Paypal to complete the transaction.

When the Paypal transaction is complete, you will receive an email with the item details and shipping information. From here it’s up to you to communicate with your customer and create a fantastic customer experience.

When your item sells, you will be charged 5 percent of the item price. You will receive a Paypal invoice from The News Report when your Buy It Now balance exceeds $5 or every two weeks, whichever is sooner. We appreciate prompt payment.

After your item(s) sells, the system reduces the item quantity. If quantity is at least one, the ad is re-posted. If quantity is zero, the ad is deactivated.

When you sell out of your items, be sure to check that your ad is no longer active. When you get more items in stock, you can re-post the ad.


How can I get free tokens from my SYR shipments?

It’s easy to get free marketplace tokens when you ship with Each next day shipment can earn up to $4 worth of marketplace tokens.

  1. Associate your The Reptile Report Marketplace account to your ShipYourReptiles account. You can do this easily when you create your TRRM account. If you don’t have a ShipYourreptiles account, you can create one when you create your TRRM account.
  2. Every time you book a ShipYourReptiles shipment, tokens will be placed in your Marketplace account. You will get four tokens for each Priority Overnight, 2Day and Express Saver shipment, and two tokens for each Ground and Home Delivery Shipment.
  3. You can use these tokens to place any kind of classified ad on the Marketplace. Please allow 24 hours for your accounts to be associated, and for your tokens to be credited to your Marketplace account.


How many ads can I place? Which categories can I post my ad in?

There is no limit to the ads you may place daily!  You may also list in as many categories as you wish, however all items in the ad must be appropriate to that category description.

Each time you place an ad, you pay with tokens. You may place a particular ad in two categories. When you do this, you pay twice the tokens of a single category.