Best of 2017 READER’S CHOICE Winners!

Feb 23, 2018
The Reptile Report
by Judy Clothier

The Reptile Report -  

Congratulations to our Best of 2017 READER’S CHOICE Winners! These winners were nominated and chosen by our readers and the herping community at large. Our goal with Reader’s Choice awards is to give an opportunity for members of our community to highlight and recognize the people that they feel are deserving for the good work they do, whether in breeding, business, conservation, rescue, art, or public outreach.

All winners will be contacted within the next few days by Judy, the Managing Editor for the Awards. She will be asking for a little bit of information regarding your trophy and will have a digital badge for you to use on websites and social media. If you don’t hear from her within a few days, please reach out to so she can take care of you!

If there are any errors on the names listed here, or if you’d like a website link included that has not been, please write to Judy and let her know and she’ll get it sorted out asap!

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for…

Reader’s Choice Winners for 2017

Amphibian Personality of the Year
Shawn Harrington – The Frog Whisperer

Artist of the Year
Mark Cohen – Immortal Pets
Honorable Mention: Donovan Winterberg
Honorable Mention: Claire Hickman

Boa Personality of the Year
Jason Raimondi – Jason’s Exotic Reptiles

Business of the Year
Internet Reptile
Honorable Mention: Northampton Reptile Centre

Chelonia Personality of the Year
Chris Leone – Garden State Tortoise
Honorable Mention: Noelia Perez
Honorable Mention: Christy Milbourne – Central MS Turtle Rescue

Colubrid Personality of the Year
Rob & Amy Zerkle – Zerkle Reptile Co

Community Service of the Year
Show Me Snakes – Micky Meyer

Field Herper of the Year
Petr Necas

Forum/Group of the Year
Chameleons UK

Gecko Personality of the Year
Luke Tanner – Leaping Cresties

Herp Educator of the Year
Rob Christian

Invertebrate Personality of the Year
Mason Fox – The Caffeinated Spider

Lizard Personality of the Year
Roy Stevens – Krayzee Chamz
Honorable Mention: Nathalie Norris
Honorable Mention: Sarah Curry – Winston the Tegu

Photographer of the Year
Mike Schultz

Python Personality of the Year
Ashlie Fawthrop – Ashlie’s Living Art Ball Pythons

Radio Show of the Year
Chameleon Breeder Podcast – Bill Strand
Honorable Mention: Edgar Ortega Radio Show

Video Show of the Year
Emzotic – Emma Lock

Reader’s Choice Photos and Video

Amphibian Photo of the Year
Chip Reynolds – Dendro Hollow

Chelonia Photo of the Year
Kirk Kaufman

Crocodilian Photo of the Year
Lorenzo de Roo

Invertebrate Photo of the Year
Garred Martin – Palp Fiction

Lizard Photo of the Year
Travis DeLagerheim

Silly Photo of the Year
Jimmy Dawson

Snake Photo of the Year
Apex Sneks

Video of the Year
Kim Bell Mross
Kim very carefully removes a black racer caught on a glue trap

A HUGE Congratulations to all our 2017 Winners

And a HUGE Thank You to our sponsor, RodentPro

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