Climarep Terrarium Monitor

Mar 4, 2017
by Editor in Chief

Facebook - Climarep is the first true “smart” product specifically aimed at keeping reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Climarep is a 6cm disc shaped sensor that is designed entirely around vivariums and terrariums with temperature, humidity and ambient light data being viewed live through the Climarep 1.0 application which will be available on iOS/Android in the coming months. It works with the latest in low energy Bluetooth technology meaning Climarep is capable of logging data for 6 months plus on a single coin cell battery. It’s aimed at a certain demographic of the hobby that want to easily log data from their terrariums or incubators and view graphed data at the click of a button to aid in breeding programs as well as general research.

The product opens up a whole new era of reptile keeping for beginners and experienced enthusiasts as well as offers the opportunity for individual Climarep users to give something back to the hobby. The focus of Climarep is to introduce a more responsible way of keeping in terms of collecting data on the species we currently keep, which so far is not easy to do! Bringing real time environmental monitoring online will really advance the hobby and shed a whole new light on reptile keeping!

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