Color Changer BHPs

Jun 23, 2015
The Reptile Report
by Asst. Editor in Chief

The Reptile Report - Take a look at these stunning color changer black head pythons produced by Jenbert Pythons. They are all three and a half years old and in various stages of color change.

Rob of Jenbert Pythons gives us some further information on these animals:
“These particular animals are all sisters with a Colour Changer mother & a Gold Chin father out of a clutch of 8. Over the last 18 months from when the 1st female started to lose pigment 2 have gone from a vibrant rich coloration to what you see today with the 3rd just starting to change. As seen in these pics depending on the animal will depend on how they will look in the end result, the richer/redder the animal the more orange type they become & vice a versa, the less vibrant/common they look the more peach coloration they become. Colour Changers range in how much pigment they lose & looks to depend on the actual animal, they range from a speckled form to a full pigment loss which in the right animals can look absolutely spectacular. Unfortunately we do not know how hereditary the Colour Changer is but what we do know is that it is more predominant in animals that genetically have an ancestry with the Colour Changer to start with.”