Coming soon: The Reptile Report Marketplace

The Reptile Report has been running for almost a year, and so far it’s been a big hit with reptile hobbyists and industry folk. We are changing online habits and have quickly become the first stop for many in the reptile world.

By far the most frequently requested feature has been a classified ads section. People in the reptile world have been wishing for a better/easier way to sell their reptiles and supplies, and we are ready to help.

As some of you know, Chad Brown and I have been in the reptile industry for 20 years. We built Pro Exotics to a strong position in the industry, but a facility fire last year changed everything.

A year later, we have decided to focus on ShipYourReptiles and The Reptile Report. Creating these businesses has given us some great experience with building big, complex systems and taught us an important lesson:

If we’re going to build something, we are going to build it right.

That’s the approach we took with ShipYourReptiles, it’s the approach we took with The Reptile Report and now it’s the approach we’re taking with The Reptile Report Marketplace. Based on all of our experience in the reptile industry, technology and business, we have designed what we think is the best feature set for the reptile world.

The Reptile Report Marketplace will be both more powerful and easier to use — for big breeders and small hobbyists — than any reptile classified system we’ve seen.

In order to deliver the best Marketplace experience to our customers, we have hired Cindy Steinle as Director of TRRM. She brings more than a decade of experience in the online reptile world, and we are confident she will do a great job.

Cindy was our #1 pick for this position, and we are thrilled to have her on the team.

Robyn, Cindy and Chad of The Reptile Report Marketplace

We expect to launch soon. Stay tuned for more announcements.