Create the Perfect Environment with iSTAT

Sep 5, 2016
On the Web
by Editor in Chief

On the Web - iSTAT creates products used for real world environmental control. What does this mean? Imagine taking a small piece of the world and putting it into an enclosure. This could be a landscape, part of the ocean or an animal. By creating this enclosure you now need to cater for its needs. You find that you will need just the right amount of heat, light and water in order for your new manmade environment to thrive. If incorrect, this new environment will only merely survive or maybe even perish. You may be asking yourself “What’s the big deal?”, because there are plenty of thermostats to choose from. Indeed there are, but iSTAT is different.

iSTAT is dedicated to creating products that mimic the natural environment. They are able to offer products that accurately control a full day and night cycle with absolute precision. iSTAT can introduce seasons into your environment. iSTAT can make it rain based on low barometric pressure, just like a real world weather system. iSTAT offers the tools to monitor and control humidity, temperature, UV lighting and LED lighting. With iSTAT’s products whether your caring for fish, reptiles, plants or other exotic animals, you can create the perfect environment.

The iSTAT Pulse Plus and iSTAT Compact are available for purchase in the United States through Acadian Exotics:

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