Crocodile Research Coalition

Apr 26, 2017
On the Web
by Editor in Chief

On the Web - The Crocodile Research Coalition is a Belize-based nonprofit organization that seeks to preserve crocodiles and their environments throughout Central America. They believe that community involvement is the cornerstone to conservation in the region, and they work to educate local communities and empower other local organizations to do their part in sustaining this critical species and its environment. The CRC also works with the local government and other organizations to monitor crocodile populations throughout the country, to better inform policy decisions regarding the animals.

In order to achieve their goals and help keep these ecosystems thriving, the CRC needs help from people like you. Through money donated by the public they can keep a well stocked, state of the art facility and fund projects that help the world learn more about these vital environments.

Click the big green arrow below to learn more about the Crocodile Research Coalition and how you can make a difference by making a donation.

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