Dr. VENOM with Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry

Jun 27, 2013
by Cindy Steinle

YouTube - It’s wild out there. Wild enough for a daring, young scientist to risk his life — to save others. Meet Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry. A frequent guest on many wildlife adventure/science shows, Bryan Fry is now ready to host his own series, based on his work as the world’s leading expert on creature venom. As Deputy Director of Research For The Australian Venom Research Unit, Fry travels the world to seek out the venom of the world’s most deadly creatures. And why? Because Fry has discovered that these toxins might contain the key to many a modern miracle cure. From the deepest reaches of the Australian desert to the cloud forests of Mexico, episodes of “Dr. Venom” feature one heart-stopping encounter after another, as this self-professed adrenaline junkie risks being clawed, mauled, punctured, pierced and bitten, in order to collect venom, so that others may live.

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