Empire State Reptiles Live with The Dart Frog Queen

Apr 8, 2017
On the Web
by Editor in Chief

On the Web - By day, Stefania Fochi is chef and owner of “Empanadas by Stef” but by night she’s an exotics hobbyist that specializes in dart frogs, also known as The Dart Frog Queen on Instagram and YouTube. She discovered her passion for dart frogs five years ago when she stumbled upon a small vivarium with baby dart frogs in a local pet shop. From that moment forward, she delved into building vivariums and perfecting that craft, as well as the keeping and breeding of many different kinds of dart frogs. Now her collection has expanded to include day geckos, panther chameleons, Chamaeleolis barbatus, crested geckos, and many other miscellaneous small jungle creatures, totaling at about 50 species and 300 specimens. Alongside her passion for keeping and breeding these beautiful creatures, she focuses on educating about these lesser-known exotics in simple terms, specifically their keeping and breeding.

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