Hemidactylus imbricatus: A Gecko of Many Names

Aug 4, 2013
On the Web
by Cindy Steinle

On the Web - Originally known as Teratolepis fasciata, the genus Teratolepis was abolished due to the fact that the whole genus consisted of only two geckos: Teratolepis fasciata and Teratolepis albofasciatusTeratolepis was originally established by Gunther in1869 because he considered them to have a ‘bizarre scalation’. Recently, in 2008, they were reclassified by Bauer as Hemidactylus imbricatus. The Hemidactylus description better describes the genus, though the new name has caused much confusion in the reptile hobbyist community. Those being just the Latin names, I should also mention a few of the common names, the most common being “viper gecko”. They are also known as “carrot-tail gecko”, “carrot-tail viper gecko” and “leaf-toe” or sometimes even “leaf tail gecko”. The latter is one that causes a lot of confusion since geckos of theUroplatus genus are commonly known as “leaf tail geckos” (e.g. Satanic Leaf-tails”).

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