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Apr 14, 2013
On the Web
by Cindy Steinle

On the Web - In another of their interview series, Gecko Times chats a little with Ron Tremper.

“I started the reptile hobby when I was 6 years old collecting turtles and tortoises and later served as Curator of Reptiles at the Fresno Zoo in California. I started the Center for Reptile & Amphibian Propagation in 1981 and have pioneered such species as Argentine Horned frogs, Veiled and Panther chameleons and Leopard geckos. Our state-of-the- art 9400 sq. ft. facility was built in 1993 just north of San Antonio, Texas. We have bred leopard geckos for 31 generations as of 2009, and have come up with many new morphs over the years with more to come.”

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