Kamp Kenan: World’s Rarest Captive Tortoise

Apr 5, 2016
by Editor in Chief

YouTube - The Angonoka tortoise is endemic to Madagascar. This species is one of the rarest land tortoises in the world, classified as Critically Endangered. It is also known as the ploughshare or Madagascar angulated tortoise. In this episode of Kamp Kenan, Kenan Harkin will get up close and personal with the most prized captive collection of this beautiful animal in existence at Eric Goode’s Turtle Conservancy. The population estimate for the Angonoka tortoise in the wild is about 600 individuals, ranging from 440 to 770, but it is still decreasing. This tortoise is at an extremely high risk of extinction; it is thought it will become extinct in the wild in the next 10 to 15 years. Don’t miss this special look at an amazing animal that needs our help!

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