Myke Clarkson

Mar 17, 2014
The Reptile Report
by Editor in Chief

The Reptile Report - My name is Myke Clarkson and from field herping, to captive keeping and breeding I love both ends of the herpetocultural world equally.

My day job is a wildlife filmmaker and reality TV producer, and I have worked on some exciting projects including several Shark Week specials, Discovery Channel’s Speed Of Life, and numerous other Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Spike, A&E, MTV, and SyFy to name a few.

I also specialize in high-speed camera work as seen on shows like American Guns (Discovery Channel), Auction Hunters (Spike), and the before mentioned Speed Of Life. I have also been in front of the camera (on a handful of shows) and love sharing my charisma for reptiles on screen as well.

When I am traveling the world making TV I always keep my camera close by, and have hard drives full of wildlife photography. My photos appear in several books, websites, and magazines. I personally love the snap images of venomous snakes, but will take a chance to point my lens at all forms of life.

I travel to South Africa annually, and have a particular fondness for the herps of that region, occasionally leading ecotours so others can share in my experience.

On the captive side of things I specialize in fully aquatic snakes, African snakes and Asian Boiga and Ahaetulla species. I am fascinated by rear-fanged colubrids, and have bred several species including first ever U.S. breedings of Ahaetulla mycterizans, Telescopus semiannulatus, and Chionactic occipitalis.

Snake bite kits and the study of human snakebite treatment is also a minor fascination of mine, as are snakebites themselves. I have done work with the Animal Venom Research Institute, Dr. Sean Bush and Dr. Bryan Fry in this particular study.

Online I formerly hosted a program for Herp Nation Radio and still make occasional appearances there and on Urban Jungles Radio.

I have presented at the International Herpetological Symposium and countless herpetological societies across the country. From magazines to currently contributing on a book with Dr. Bryan Fry, I also love sharing in the written form.

USARK is a cause near and dear to my heart, and I have done several fundraisers for them from RAACA auctions to the Women Of American Herpetoculture photo project. Both projects netted large donation sums, awareness and community unity… another cause I do my best to promote.

I am available to contribute in these areas:

  • television/video- yes
  • radio- yes
  • photography- yes
  • video production- yes
  • consulting- yes
  • interviews- yes
  • referrals- yes
  • quotes- yes
  • writing- yes
  • hosting- yes
  • organization- yes
  • breeding/husbandry info- yes
  • natural habitat info- yes
  • research- yes
  • export- no

I can be reached at


  • Freedom Breeder