Nevada AB246 Amended: Reptile Shows At Risk

Apr 19, 2013
Herp Alliance
by Robyn

Herp Alliance - Yesterday Nevada Assembly Bill 246 was amended and passed out of the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining. The US Herpetoculture Alliance remains strongly OPPOSED to AB 246.

AB 246 was amended to allow for reptile shows and other trade events ONLY if, “[t]he swap meet is conducted in a county or incorporated city in this State which has adopted an ordinance authorizing the sale of live animals at a swap meet.” AB 246 goes further to require that the ordinance must include, “provisions which are substantially similar to the provisions of NRS 574.360 to 574.510…” In other words, if the county or city does NOT have an ordinance in place, reptile shows shall be illegal!

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