Nothing Tracks a Mouse Better

Jun 18, 2016
On the Web
by Editor in Chief

On the Web - From Eden Bio-Creations and Collective ConSERVation:

“Eden Bio-Creations and Collective ConSERVation have teamed up to bring you the perfect combination of Nature and Technology. This limited edition mouse pad is made from the shed of a living snake. The scales provide a perfect surface for precision tracking which delivers a low friction, high-end surface in a spectacular array of patterns and colors.

The mouse on your desk isn’t the only mouse problem we are addressing. Rodents destroy agriculture worldwide to the tune of billions in damage annually. In addition to hosting parasites like fleas, ticks and mites, rodents consistently spread diseases, which are transmittable to humans. Rodent control is important, but poisons have proven to damage ecosystems by negatively affecting other wildlife.

Nature has already provided us the perfect rodent controller, the snake! By using the snake shed, rather than the snake skin, Eden Bio-Creations provides beautiful products while also protecting our ecosystem.

Your purchase will not only help us share a very important message, but will also fund conservation projects already in process.

Click here to purchase a limited edition mouse pad:

*Species and Colors will vary. All Snake Sheds chosen will provide high accuracy. Pictured is the Argentine Boa. A CITES Appendix I listed endangered species*”

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