The Reptile Report User Accounts

Q: Why do I need to create an account on The Reptile Report?
A: In order to post a comment you need to create a username and password and log into the site.

Q: Where can I sign up for the Daily Blast?
A: http://thereptilereport.com/daily-blast/


FAQ: Comments & Moderation

Q: What is The Reptile Report’s Comment Policy?
A: Commenting Guiding Principles

The Reptile Report encourages commenting on pages and posts. We are dedicated to maintaining a respectful, engaging and informative conversation. Towards that end, we have general guidelines for commenting. They are enforced 24/7 by our staff. If you wish to participate in the comments, we ask that you follow the guidelines below.

(I) If your comments consistently or intentionally make this site a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it.
The Reptile Report promotes a receptive, transparent and civil atmosphere for comments and users. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to voice their opinion regardless of identity, politics, ideology, religion or agreement with other users, the author of the post or staff members as long as those opinions are respectful and constructively add to the conversation.

However, this site does not tolerate direct or indirect attacks, name-calling or insults, nor does it tolerate intentional attempts to derail, hijack, troll or bait others into an emotional response. These types of comments will be removed where warranted. Individuals who consistently or intentionally post these types of comments will be warned and, if necessary, excluded from the site.

(II) Many comments are pre-moderated.
To maintain a civil atmosphere, our moderation team may read comments before they are displayed to other users. If this is the case, you may see your comment pending approval. Approval times can vary depending on the site-wide comment load, so please be patient — we will get to all comments as quickly as possible.

(III) Be yourself and only yourself

Every person’s opinion is valuable and unique. Pretending to be someone else removes that unique value from you or from others. Don’t misrepresent yourself or others, spread mis-information, create multiple accounts or “astroturf”. If you do, you will make the site a less enjoyable and valuable place to be and you will be removed when we see it.

(IV) This site is a safe space.

We strongly believe that The Reptile Report should be a safe space for individuals, groups and their ideas. As such, violent and hostile language or calls for violence and hostility are not welcome here. If you directly or indirectly threaten the physical or mental well being of a member of this site, or an individual or group who is the subject of an article, you will be removed immediately. If a credible threat is made against an individual or group, not only will it be removed but it is likely that it will be reported to law enforcement agencies and we will ncooperate with them to any extent requested.

Personal identifiable information should never be posted to The Reptile Report comments section.

If you see any threats, harassment or personal information trolling please report it to info@thereptilereport.com

Q: I posted a comment. Why can’t I see it on the site?
A: There are two scenarios under which your comment may not appear:
1. It may be pending approval. Comments on the site may be moderated BEFORE they appear on the site, and this takes time. We appreciate your patience and ask that you refrain from posting the same comment repeatedly.
2. Your comment violated the policy above. We pride ourselves in providing a medium for engaging and thought-provoking stories and encourage our users to speak their minds freely, provided comments fall within our commenting policy.

Q: Why am I blocked from commenting on The Reptile Report?
A: There are a few scenarios under a comment might be blocked:
1. A comment is extremely abusive, off-topic, uses excessive foul language, or includes a personal attack.
2. If a commenter has previously posted comments that are abusive, off-topic, used excessive foul language, or include personal attacks, The Reptile Report may decide to ban the commenter’s IP address. This means the abusive commenter is banned from commenting on the site in the future, even if the later comments are not abusive.