Reader’s Choice Awards – Voting is CLOSED

Feb 6, 2017
The Reptile Report
by Judy Clothier

The Reptile Report - Voting ended Feb 20th at 11:59pm eastern time.

You may vote once per day in each category.

You must be logged into Facebook to cast your vote. (This is only because doing so is the most secure way we have to prevent large-scale cheating.)

If there are any errors, typos, concerns, complaints, adjustments wanted, or any other issues with these polls, contact the Managing Editor at She will do her best to make everything right. Any complaints made elsewhere (ie: on social media or forum sites) will almost certainly go unseen and therefore do absolutely no good at all.

Don’t assume your favorite will win just because they are popular or got lots of nominations. They can only win if you VOTE every day and spread the word to all your friends and associates!

EDITOR’S CHOICE Winners will be announced Feb 21st.

READER’S CHOICE Winners will be announced Feb 24th.

Trophies will be available to all winners attending the NARBC Tinley Show in March and handed out at the Saturday night auction. All other trophies will be mailed to the winners so long as I’m able to reach them and get their information. If you are a winner and haven’t heard from me within seven days of the announcement, PLEASE contact me at


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