Rico Walder- Cancer Fund

Feb 15, 2013
The Reptile Report
by Robyn

The Reptile Report - World-renowned snake breeder Rico Walder was diagnosed with brain cancer. Please help support one of the herp community’s finest members and help him get back on his feet. Any and all donations are appreciated! Thank you!

From Rico’s FB page:

Hello Everyone,

I have some very unfortunate news about my life.

Last week during a quick trip to Florida I suffered a seizure and was rushed to the hospital where I underwent emergency brain surgery. Unfortunately it didn’t help my looks. The pathology shows aggressive glioblastoma type tumors in two places in my brain. The next few months are going to be difficult but I am going to work closely with folks to be sure all the animals are dealt with as efficiently as possible.

Right now my friends and my employees are able to keep the collection healthy but I will need anything in on loan to be returned to the rightful owners as soon as possible.

Currently, my plan is to be home around the 20th and start to come up with plans for the future. Once I have a team and a game plan in place someone will be in touch about any retuning animals and pending sales/shipments. The rest of the collection will most likely need to be sold to help cover the tremendous expenses that I’ll be incurring.

I APPRECIATE all the interest and willingness to help and the support people will show but please be patient as this is going to take some time. In the meantime, if you would like to help indirectly, my friends have created a fundraiser webpage to help me manage my medical bills (http://www.giveforward.com/ricoreliefeffort). Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. As new updates come, I will be sure to let everyone know. Thank you for the kind thoughts!

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