Snakes Have Value

Apr 3, 2013
Herp Alliance
by Robyn

Herp Alliance - Snakes have value. Whether you fear them, love them or simply respect them, they never fail to inspire, or awe. Snakes are animals of medical significance to human beings and their physiology holds many important clues to the world of medicine. They are an integral part of multiple ecosystems and they have held enormous roles in culture and religion throughout human history. Snakes are significant in literature. Arguably the most important animal in The Bible, snakes have figured prominently in children’s classics such as The Little Prince to best-sellers and blockbuster movies such as Harry Potter.

In fact, the serpent is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols. Snakes have appeared in art at least since the enraged uraeus snake in Egyptian pharaonic imagery (as can be seen in the mask of King Tutankhamun, c. 1327 BCE). This has not precluded them from pop culture and modern art. Richard Avedon’s portrait of Nastassja Kinski and the Serpent remains a pop icon from the 1980s. Snakes are important to humans and we need them.

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