Advertising Rules

These rules govern banner and classified advertising on The Reptile Report and The Reptile Report Marketplace.

If the Company, at its own discretion, determines your ad to be out of compliance with these rules, the Company may cancel your ad, edit your ad, move your ad to the correct category and/or suspend or terminate your account without warning and without any liability.

  1. Vendors are responsible for all content in their own ads, as well as all complaints or legal issues arising from their ads.
  2. Classified accounts may be shared, however all members listing classified advertisements must comply with the rules of the site.  Violation of any of our Terms of Use by any member sharing advertisements will result in account termination for all members sharing the account.
  3. All items in the ad must be actual products, in the correct category, with realistic prices.
  4. You can edit your ads for accuracy and timeliness, but you cannot change the product(s) that are advertised. If you need to advertise a different product, you must create a new ad.
  5. Ads must not contain information that can be construed as negative toward another party.
  6. You must not post an item to multiple categories. For example, a ball python cannot be posted in the ball python section and the tortoise section. The only exception is for species that actually belong to multiple categories. For example, a Hogg Island boa is both a locality boa and a morph boa. In this case, you may post your item to two categories; you will be charged double tokens.
  7. All items in the ad must relate to that specific section.  For example, if you list a ball python, you can not also list a cage for sale.  All items in each ad must be directly part of the category it is listed in.
  8. You may not post ads for items or services that compete with the Company.
  9. You may not post ads for items that do not fit directly into Marketplace categories, or that are not obviously related to reptile, amphibians and inverts.
  10. Ads with broken images or incorrect or inappropriate content, as determined by the Company, will be canceled, deactivated or edited.
  11. Ads may contain links to your images, Website, Facebook page, etc. but ads may not contain code or scripts that automatically direct users to other web pages or open new windows.
  12. All links in your ads must open in a new window or tab.
  13. Buy It Now can only be used for sales and shipments to addresses in the United States.
  14. Ads may not contain any elements that interfere with the Site’s appearance or function. All ad content must be displayed within the established ad module.
  15. You agree to promptly fulfill all purchases made through your ads. If an item is sold, the ad must be removed.
  16. The use of text, images or any other materials that is the work property of other individuals or businesses without their written permission is prohibited. Anyone found to be violating trademark or copyright laws is subject to account termination.
  17. There is no limit to the number of ads you can place, or which categories you place them in. You must follow the above rules.

By advertising on this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.

If you have questions, please email