The Reptile Report Award for Forum of the Year 2012- Bush-League Breeders Club

Dec 31, 2012
Bush League Breeders Club
by Robyn

Bush League Breeders Club - The Reptile Report is an awesome tool to stay current on a wide variety of reptile, amphibian and invert forums. Our success depends on a thriving and vibrant herp community and forum world.

There are lots of terrific forum communities for herpers to enjoy. But the number one herp forum represented on TRR in 2012 has been the BLBC- the Bush-League Breeders Club. Started as a smaller Ball python-centric forum for a tight group of hardcore herpers, the BLBC has grown into a real heavyweight, with a ton of great content, covering all types of species, and tens of thousands of enthusiastic reptile, amphibian and invert keepers.

The BLBC has also become THE place to debut new Ball python clutches and mutations. Congrats to the BLBC community for helping to drive a terrific hobby!

check it out@ Bush League Breeders Club
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