The Reptile Report’s Best of 2015 Awards – VOTING IS CLOSED!

Feb 1, 2016
The Reptile Report
by Judy Clothier

The Reptile Report - Voting is NOW CLOSED for the Reader’s Choice phase of The Reptile Report’s Best of 2015 Awards.  Editor’s Choice winners will be announced on February 25th.  Reader’s Choice winners will be announced on February 29th.  Best of luck to all our worthy nominees!

This year’s exciting award program is sponsored by RodentPro.  In a world that seems increasingly filled with negative storm clouds, let’s take some time to shine the light on those that strive for excellence in actions and in character.

Entries to win this awesome baby albino snapping turtle* from theTurtleRoom OR a cash prize of $3000**  are NOW CLOSED.  Stay tuned for the winner to be announced sometime tomorrow (pending timely contact).  Be sure to visit theTurtleRoom website to see the awesome work being done in the fields of conservation and propagation.

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Nominations for Reader’s Choice Awards begin on January 6th on The Reptile Report Facebook page for the following categories:  

  1. Amphibian Personality of the Year
  2. Boa Personality of the Year
  3. Chelonia Personality of the Year
  4. Colubrid Personality of the Year
  5. Gecko Personality of the Year
  6. Invertebrate Personality of the Year
  7. Lizard Personality of the Year
  8. Python Personality of the Year
  9. Venomous Personality of the Year
  10. Field Herper of the Year
  11. Forum of the Year
  12. Business of the Year
  13. Achievement of the Year
  14. Photos of the Year
  15. Video Show of the Year
  16. Radio Show of the Year


1-9: You may nominate any person known to be closely associated with the category listed. They do not necessarily have to be a breeder. You may also nominate conservationists, photographers, or others known for their work in these fields.

10: Field Herping is the backbone of our love for reptiles. Nominees for this category may include exceptional photographers as well as individuals working hard to conserve valuable field herping habitats.

11: Nominate your favorite herping forum. These can be for reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates…they can be species specific, or general. Facebook groups and other social media groups do not count.

12: In the herping world, some people are better at running a business than others. Who do you believe has been the most successful business person? Or what is your favorite business? These can be brick & mortar stores, breeders, online suppliers, cage manufacturers, feeder suppliers…any business directly associated with our herping community.

13: There are special people in every walk of life that step out and go above and beyond the call of duty. Who do you believe has done so in 2015? Their achievement does not necessarily have to be reptile-related, but the person being nominated must be directly related to the herping community. Nominations should include an explanation of the achievement being celebrated.

14: This year, instead of doing separate categories for every possible type of photo, we will be grouping all the photos into one category and handing out awards for the TOP FIVE voted on images. These images may be of any reptile, amphibian or invertebrate, but MUST be submitted by the photographer, or with the permission of the photographer and proper attribution. Unattributed photos will not be accepted.

15, 16: Nominate your favorite herp-related video and radio programs that have been ongoing through 2015.

The Reptile Report Best of 2015 Awards SCHEDULE

Nominations – January 6th – January 25th
Nominee Voting – February 1st – February 22nd
Editor’s Choice Winners announced – Thursday, February 25th
Reader’s Choice Winners announced – Monday, February 29th

Albino Sulcata Giveaway entries – January 6th – January 14th
Albino Sulcata Winner announced – Friday, January 15th
Albino Snapper Giveaway entries – February 1st – February 22nd
Albino Snapper Winner announced – Tuesday, February 23rd



1. Nominate! 

From January 6th through 25th, you may nominate any worthy candidate in any category you like. Simply find the badge for that category in this album and make a comment that names your nomination. The top ten most Nominated/Liked for each category will make it into the final vote phase for Reader’s Choice Awards. If you would like to be nominated for a Best of 2015 Award, share the nomination image of your particular category to your Facebook page or social circle and encourage your friends and supporters to come back here to nominate you or Like your current nomination.

2. Vote! 

Starting Monday, February 1st, you may vote for the nominees across ALL categories at The Reptile Report Marketplace. Come back and vote for your favorite nominees each and every day. If you ARE the nominee, encourage your supporters to visit the site each day to vote you to the top!


* Our Best Of Awards are open to anyone around the world, however, due to shipping restrictions the turtle and tortoise giveaways are available only to those living within the US.

** The qualifying winner must show proper caging and care ability before receiving the turtle OR may accept a cash prize of $3000.  Must be 18 or over to win!


We’d like to offer our sincerest thanks to the following:

Arizona Tortoise Compound
Garden State Tortoise

And most importantly, Thank You to our faithful readers and all those that work so hard to keep our community strong and positive!

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