TikisGeckos: Talking Lilly Whites with Allen Repashy and Mark Orfus

Nov 4, 2017
by Editor in Chief

YouTube - In this video, TikisGeckos chats with herpetoculture pioneer, Allen Repashy and fellow New Caledonian gecko breeder, Mark Orfus about the Lilly White crested gecko.

Allen Repashy is responsible for developing the “Crested Gecko Diet” that revolutionized the way we keep these geckos in captivity. He was also the original mass producer of New Caledonian geckos in the USA. Allen is now completely focused on further improving and innovating the diets and supplements that have facilitated reptile keeping.

Mark Orfus is one of the most successful and popular New Caledonian gecko breeders in North America and the Repashy Super Foods representative and distributor in Canada. He is the owner and operator of Northern Gecko.

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