Timberline Vita-Bugs Testing — Blog #3

Nov 7, 2013
On the Web
by Brian Barczyk

On the Web - Vita-Bugs coloring-

One thing that all reptile enthusiasts want is for their animals to look awesome and to look as healthy as they can. I find that a healthy reptile has a “glow” to them. Maybe it’s the 25 years of working with reptiles, but I can tell if an animal is thriving within seconds of laying my eyes on them. So one of the things that I was very interested in were the claims that the vita-bugs have enhanced levels of carotenoids; specifically beta-carotene, which is the orange in carrots, lutein which is the yellow in corn and lycopene which is the red in tomatoes. Specifically what I was interested in was what the effects of the increase in these carotenoids along with the increased high vitamin A, and E counts would do to the overall color of juvenile Bearded Dragons as they grew.

Of course we’re close to 2/3 the way through the “vita-bug” experiment and we still have a long way to go until the test animals are adult. But I have already seen some pretty obvious results. Keeping in mind these are all from either the same clutch or exactly the same genetics, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the overall color and vibrancy of the Vita-Bug group. The other two groups still look very healthy and are starting to color up nicely. But there’s no doubt from these pictures that the Vita-Bug group is far more vibrant. I guess it’s not that surprising when there’s an increase in the color enhancing supplements added to their diet, but more importantly it’s that “glow” that I was referring to when looking at a super healthy animal.

Although there’s still a month to go and anything can happen, I feel very confident in saying that I have been more then impressed with the progress, so much so that I am about to switch my order from normal crickets to Vita-Bugs for all my lizards. With the time and effort saved in dusting or gut loading and the seemingly great results I have seen so far, it’s a no-brainer for me. With that said I will continue on with this experiment the same way for until the 90 days is complete and share all our findings with you guys. But I certainly feel confident enough to proceed with the 30 day give away of Vita-Bugs that will start on the 11th of November.

You can enter to win by simply “sharing” our Vita-Bug give away post on the BHB Reptiles Facebook page. And the person that generates the most likes from their friends and family over the 30 day period will win a prize package worth over $1500! I’ll post the rules and all the details this weekend! This will be a great time and I thank Timberline Fisheries for sponsoring this event.

-Brian Barczyk of BHB Reptiles

Click here to read more about the tests Brian is conducting and the contest associated with them!

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