Tinley Park Spring Summit Show- March 16th-18th

Mar 1, 2012
The Reptile Report
by Robyn

The Reptile Report - Summit Meeting Schedule – Tinley Park (outside of Chicago, IL)

The Tinley Park NARBC Reptile Show is Saturday and Sunday March 17th and 18th.

The Friday Summit is a place to not only hear from some of the industries top professionals but also BOTH of our voices in Washington PIJAC & USARK. Prior to the panel discussion we will hear from USARK and PIJAC about the most current legislation facing us, and what they are doing to fight it. Come prepared for the panel discussion loaded with questions, as the night is an open forum of Questions and Answers.

When you leave Friday night you should know EXACTLY what you can do to better help in the fight against this onslaught of legislation our hobby and industry face. We hope to see everyone come out and participate in what we feel is THE MOST IMPORTANT HERP MEETING EVER. New legal issues will always be on the horizon so we will all need to be united in one voice or our hobby/industry are doomed……..come out and HELP UNIFY THE INDUSTRY!

Outside Main Exhibit Hall

Friday, March 16th

7:00 PM Ben Siegel – Burmese Python Initiative

7:15 PM Andrew Wyatt – USARK President

7:45 PM Mike Canning – PIJAC President

Panel Discussion

Bill Brant – PIJAC Board Member

Mike Canning – PIJAC President

Ben Siegel – Burmese Python Initiative

Andrew Wyatt – USARK President

Joan Galvin – USARK Board Member

Gary Bagnall – USARK Board Member

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