TRR’s EDITOR’S CHOICE Winners for Best of 2016!

The following is a list of our EDITOR’S CHOICE Winners for The Reptile Report’s Best of 2016 Awards. Reader’s Choice Winners (determined by the polls that just closed) will be announced on Friday, Feb 24th.

First of all, congratulations to all of our winners and those with honorable mentions! You are all very deserving!

I will be reaching out to all the winners as best I can. If I have your email, I will reach you that way. I may also try to reach you through Facebook, but Facebook is quite limiting on the number of unsolicited private messages that can be sent out, so I can only reach a handful of folks that way. If you don’t hear from me within the next few days, please contact me at We will have really nice trophies for our winners, as well as digital badges for all our winners and honorable mentions to share online if they wish. If you have a friend on this list, be sure to let them know!

While I do my best to double-check all the spelling, business names, photo attributions, etc…I am human and do make mistakes from time to time. I am very happy to fix these if you let me know! If I’ve made a mistake, or if you’d simply like a particular business name, nick name, or link added to your listing, just write to me at the email address mentioned above and I’ll take care of it.

I’d like to extend a very special thanks to RodentPro for their generous sponsorship of this year’s awards! And also a huge thanks to Dillon Damuth for providing the photo that will be used in our beautiful trophies!

Finally, on to our winners! Primary categories (these will also have Reader’s Choice winners soon!) will be listed first in alphabetical order, except for the photos. Following those will be a selection of special Editor’s Choice Only categories. Lastly, enjoy an array of beautiful winning photos! This list is just the initial announcement. More information and business links will be added in the near future.


Achievement of the Year
Honorable Mention: Andy Holmes / ReptiMate

Amphibian Personality of the Year
WINNER: Jonathan Kolby / HARCC
Honorable Mention: Mike Novy / Rainforest Junkies

Artist of the Year
WINNER: Donovan Winterberg / Drawn to Scales
Honorable Mention: Emily Burke

Boa Personality of the Year
WINNER: Vin Russo / Cutting Edge Herpetological
Honorable Mention: John Chausmer

Business of the Year
WINNER: Reptile Basics
Honorable Mention: LLLReptile

Chelonia Personality of the Year
WINNER: Kenan Harkin / Kamp Kenan
Honorable Mention: theTurtleRoom

Colubrid Personality of the Year
WINNER: Rob & Amy Zerkle / Zerkle Reptile Co
Honorable Mention: Dan Eby

Community Service of the Year
WINNER: Madison Area Herpetological Society

Field Herper of the Year
WINNER: Daniel Ross Wakefield

Forum/Group of the Year
WINNER: Tortoise Forum

Gecko Personality of the Year
WINNER: Joe Hupp / Australiadonian Geckos
Honorable Mention: Steve Sykes / Geckos Etc
Honorable Mention: John Scarbrough / GeckoBoa

Herp Educator of the Year
WINNER: Brandon Fowler / Roaming Reptiles

Invertebrate Personality of the Year
WINNER: Jürgen Otto
Honorable Mention: DubiaRoaches

Lizard Personality of the Year
WINNER: Ron St. Pierre
Honorable Mention: Brandon Shiflett / Rare Earth

Photographer of the Year
WINNER: Christopher Gillette
Honorable Mention: Thor Håkonsen
Honorable Mention: Candi Perkins / Welsh Morphology Photography

Python Personality of the Year
WINNER: Justin Kobylka / J. Kobylka Reptiles
Honorable Mention: Ryan & Kara Norris / The Blood Cell

Radio Show of the Year
WINNER: Chameleon Breeder Podcast / Bill Strand

Venomous Personality of the Year
WINNER: Ray Morgan / The Venom Interviews
Honorable Mention: Tom Crutchfield
Honorable Mention: Tim Cole

Video Show of the Year
WINNER: HerpersTV / Dāv Kaufman
Honorable Mention: Kamp Kenan / Kenan Harkin




Business Person of the Year
WINNER: Justin Kobylka

Legend Award
WINNER: Bill & Kathy Love

Lifetime Achievement Award
WINNER: Dr. Peter Pritchard

Vanguard Award

Video of the Year
WINNER: Sophia Maria Bultena / Simply Rock Creek Chameleon
Honorable Mention: Rony Ryckoort
Honorable Mention: Kimberly T Bartold
Honorable Mention: Chris Stone / Drymarchon Canada
Honorable Mention: Jack Nichols
Honorable Mention: Arno Naude


EDITOR’S CHOICE Winning Photos


Photo of the Year – Amphibian
WINNER: Matteo Di Nicola


Honorable Mention: Shikhei Goh


Photo of the Year – Crocodilian
WINNER: Christopher Gillette


Photo of the Year – Invertebrate
WINNER: Michael Doe


Honorable Mention: Chad Campbell


Photo of the Year – Lizard
WINNER: Tristan Schramer


Honorable Mention: Sundown Reptiles


Photo of the Year – Snake
WINNER: Kurt Orion G


Honorable Mention: Marcial Mendez


Honorable Mention: Lorenzo de Roo


Photo of the Year – Silly
WINNER: Niou-Niou


Honorable Mention: Christopher Murray


Honorable Mention: Jason Tilmon


Honorable Mention: neondragons


Honorable Mention: Sarah Williams


Thank you to everyone that makes The Reptile Report possible! We couldn’t do it without your awesome support!

— Judy Clothier
Managing Editor – Best of 2016 Awards