Venom Wars – Literal and Figurative

Jan 21, 2016
The Reptile Report
by Judy Clothier

The Reptile Report - Brian Barczyk recently announced his involvement with a new Discovery Channel show called Venom Hunters.  Within minutes, Brian was flooded with messages about being a “sell out” and all manner of vicious accusations.  Facebook (and other places, I’m sure) lit up with “experts” not only questioning Brian’s qualifications to be involved in such a production, but openly mocking, jeering, and belittling Brian’s character.

Since when did “not liking” or “disagreeing” with someone become a compulsion to rip that person to shreds and try to destroy everything about them?

I have a great deal of respect for Viperkeeper and others like him that work with venomous snakes on a daily basis and work hard to educate the public about them.  But I don’t know you guys.  I DO KNOW Brian Barczyk.  You, apparently, do not…but that doesn’t seem to matter.

I’m addressing this not to any specific person, but to anyone that would engage in this kind of witch hunt.  Are your lives so pointless and shallow that you feel like you need to go out of your way to tear down someone you don’t even know for something you haven’t even seen?  You don’t know anything about the show or what Brian’s gone through to be a part of it, but you’re super-quick to make Brian out to be some sinister character out to “ruin everything” by daring to participate in a television production.  Does that make you feel better?  Do you feel smarter or bigger or more important now that you’ve whipped out that keyboard and smacked someone down?

We’re more dangerous to each other than any television program or stupid free-handling video could ever be.  It’s not snake venom we need to worry about, but our own venom.

You risk your lives to set an example on how to treat venomous snakes and behave around them.  How about setting an example on how to treat human beings and behave around them, as well?  Because this kind of behavior IS what is ruining everything we love.  The backstabbing, vile-spewing hatred being flung around at anyone and anything that dares to be, do, or think differently.  It’s a cancer metastasizing at an alarming rate through our community, and it will surely kill us long before Discovery Channel, PETA, or HSUS ever get a chance.

Judy Clothier

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