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Jan 11, 2013
The Reptile Report
by Editor in Chief

The Reptile Report - Today kicks off a new feature of The Reptile Report—a regular, weekly article from the Chief Editor’s desk.  My intent with these articles is to be helpful, informative, and hopefully a little entertaining.  Topics will primarily center around forum life, the herping community, and other thoughts relative to TRR, but may also venture down random rabbit trails.  I’m always open to input and suggestions for future topics.

So who is the Chief Editor, anyhow?

Some of you already know.  Some of you know me, but don’t realize it’s me sitting behind the big TRR banner.  More than likely, though, the vast majority would simply go, “Who?” Judy Clothier, at your service—more commonly known as JLC, one of the administrators and owners of Ball-Pythons.net, and sometimes JudyC on other sites.

I’ve been at the helm of BP.net for nearly nine years now, and therefore, right or wrong, I do feel I have some useful insights to offer on forum life.  I’ve also been working with TRR for a little over a year, helping with the initial concept and development of the site, and as the lead editor in charge of finding the terrific content and getting it uploaded onto the TRR pages as accurately and error-free as possible.

And what, exactly, does the Chief Editor do?  Working with a talented and invaluable editorial team, we daily scour sixty different herp-related forum sites from around the world, covering a multitude of species of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.  I sift through everyone’s work, approving choices, editing copy, and selecting pictures.  Then pictures have to be edited, all the lists compiled, and everything uploaded to TRR for your viewing pleasure.  I check and double check for accuracy.  The last thing in the world I want to do is call an alligator a crocodile or apply the wrong scientific name to an Asian rat snake or South American tarantula.  We’re not perfect, but we aim for that mark every single day.

I’ve learned so much since taking on this job.  I learn more about these amazing animals we call “herps” every single day.  And I’ve come to know and love the wide range of “micro-communities” within our herping community.  I strive each and every day to bring you new, exciting discoveries, and to fairly represent all of the awe-inspiring diversity of our herping world.

Your feedback is encouraged and welcomed.  I’d love to get to know you, and hope you’ll get to know me in some small way.  All for the love of these amazing cold-blooded critters.

Judy Clothier
Chief Editor of The Reptile Report


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