Jen’s Tar Pit: The Reptile Super Show — Pomona

Jan 8, 2015
The Reptile Report
by Jennifer Greene

The Reptile Report - Ah, the Reptile Super Show.  Nothing makes me feel quite as old or crotchety as thinking about this explosively growing expo that takes place every year in Pomona.  Why old and crotchety?

Because I remember when this expo was just in San Diego, and I remember hearing about the first year it was in Pomona and thinking “Really?  Why Pomona?”

I remember this show being in smaller venues, cramped, but full of people excited about reptiles.  I remember the San Diego show, and bumping elbows with every.  Single.  Person. In the building.

I remember that the Super Show has even been mentioned on NCIS: Los Angeles, definitely adding to the cool factor.  Well, at least to me – how often are reptiles mentioned on TV without a bunch of bad press?

submisc-08jan-jenstarpit1-TRR You could see this at the Super Show!

I also remember the recent years, and how last year it was in the biggest freaking convention hall I’ve ever seen a reptile show in.  While working for LLLReptile , and attempting to get YouTube footage of as many booths as possible, after TWO. HOURS. Spent briskly walking up and down the aisles, spending no more than 2 minutes on interviews, and I still had barely seen half of the show.

Now, at the beginning of January, I’m looking forward to visiting the expo while not on the clock, and walking through what I have heard is an even BIGGER venue.

submisc-08jan-jenstarpit2-TRR You could see this at the Super Show!

Booths I’ll be sure to check out (and you should too) include of course the USARK booth,  where volunteers along with USARK President Phil Goss will be there to answer questions, take donations, and sell USARK gear with proceeds going to the cause.  If you hadn’t heard already, USARK has details of a recent win for constrictor snakes in Dunedin, FL, where they were attempting to ban all venomous and constricting snakes.  Thanks to the help of the reptile nation, all references to banning any snakes at all were removed from the ordinances.  Congratulations!

In addition, the fantastic Southern California Herpetological Association and Rescue will be there, offering the opportunity to see numerous types of reptiles and learn about upcoming events and meetings.

submisc-08jan-jenstarpit3-TRR You could see this at the Super Show!

Meandering through the crowds will be some of the reptile world’s favorite personalities, including Erin Sloan, who, as he put it, “will be semi-tastefully making a scene as usual.”   If you’re looking for something a little less… of whatever Erin will be doing… Meghan Kelley and her big, beautiful anaconda will be there as well, hanging out at the El Segundo Pythons booth.

Naturally, I’ll be looking for a few of my personal favorite booths.  SanTan Reptiles LLC always has beautiful sandboas, and of course I’ll be checking out LLLReptile and saying hi to everyone there.  Reptile Avenue and the gorgeous retics, ball pythons, boas, and more will be there, and is always worth an extended visit!  A new visitor, Star Pythons (yes, the website is in german!), will be there as well, full of german goodies in the form of some incredible European carpet pythons in a range of colors and morphs.

In addition, Brian Barcyk and BHB Reptiles will be there, with their extensive booth of beautiful colubrids, pythons, and maybe if we’re lucky… he’ll have a scaleless ball python along with him.  At the very least, check out his scaleless ratsnakes, if there’s any left.

With only a few days to wait for the Super Show, make sure you’ve set aside time to head up (or down!) to Pomona and see the biggest reptile show on the west coast.  I’ll be there for sure!

submisc-08jan-jenstarpit4-TRR You could see this at the Super Show!

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Your friendly neighborhood dinosaur in disguise,
Tyrannosaurus Jen