AAHP: Sterrin’s Wild World

Mar 13, 2019
by Editor in Chief

YouTube - Sterrin Smalbrugge is a Dutch ecologist and herpetologist; you may recognize her social media handle @sterrinswildworld. After learning of the death of her hero Steve Irwin as a young child, Sterrin made a promise to Steve and to herself to pursue a life of wildlife conservation. Sterrin has worked in the Ivory Coast studying the effects of climate change on crocodilian species, and she has also studied the relationship between habitat characteristics and diversity of reptiles in South Africa.

Part of Sterrin’s goal is to educate the public on the important role reptiles play in the ecosystem. She hosts an educational show for children and is also working on a reptile-related children’s book. Sterrin is also a venomous snake expert and has taught courses for safe handling techniques for venomous reptiles.

Hear Sterrin’s story on this episode of Animals At Home Podcast.

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