Arcadia Reptile: Interactive UV Lighting Guide

Dec 13, 2018
On the Web
by Editor in Chief

On the Web - Arcadia Reptile provides an interactive UV index lighting guide, which allows reptile shop keepers and hobbyists to choose the correct UV lamp for their species, within their own size and type of enclosure. The guide will also allow keepers to accurately monitor their UV provision with Solar Meter 6.5 Index meters on an ongoing basis.

It is vital that all species are able to obtain the correct quality and quantity of full-spectrum+UV-B lighting and within the ‘light and shade method’. In doing so we as effective and ethical keepers will ensure that every species is able to self-regulate its own level of exposure and to the same level as it would have access to in the wild in a safe and effective way.

Click the big green arrow below to use the interactive guide.

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