Arcadia Reptile Releases Four New Products

Oct 29, 2016
On the Web
by Editor in Chief

On the Web - Arcadia Reptile has released four new reptile products. Read more about each product below.

EarthPro-CalciumPro-Mg is a high quality calcium powder, now supercharged with magnesium for optimum bone, blood and nerve health, no other plain calcium powder can compare. Magnesium is essential for maintaining health in reptiles.

EarthPro-ReptiGold is a pre-capsulated “shot” of supercharged, all natural nutrition which can be mixed in with whole diets or offered as a treat. Contains no flavors or synthetics, six real fruits and berries, honey, bee pollen, natural minerals and B vitamins.


EarthPro-TurtleGold is a UK made, pelleted food containing a wealth of all natural ingredients to help cater to the turtle’s nutritional needs. It contains twenty-two natural food sources including snails, earthworms, daphnia, bloodworm, shrimp, plants, minerals and vitamins and a probiotic.

EarthPro-OmniGold is a wholly natural and balanced complete food for omnivores including the blue tongue skink. It contains twenty-five all natural food ingredients plus natural minerals and additives. It includes real meat, insects, snails, earthworms, EGG, fruits, plants, honey, bee pollen and more. This is the gold standard in captive reptile feeding and supplementation.

OmniGold promo video:

CalciumPro-Mg promo video:

The products listed above can be purchased in the United States through Reptile Basics at

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