Best Post of 2018: DKRA: Crested Geckos in the Wild

Jan 7, 2019
by Editor in Chief

YouTube - Dāv Kaufman is off on an adventure to New Caledonia to find crested geckos in the wild! After three days of travel from the United States to Brisbane, Australia, to the island of Grande Terre in New Caledonia, and then to the Isle of Pines, it didn’t take his group long to find crested geckos in the wild. They were actually quite common! After he gets his first crested gecko, Dāv takes temperature and humidity readings of their habitat, and discusses what they’re doing in the wild. Go with Dāv to explore New Caledonia and see how crested geckos are living in the wild! This item was originally posted on April 4, 2018.