Best Post of 2019: ROR: Anery Super Dwarf Morph Spotlight

Jan 14, 2020
by Editor in Chief

YouTube - Anerytheristic (or anery, for short) eliminates red coloration in super dwarf reticulated pythons, and is a naturally occurring wild recessive morph that got its start within the limited gene pool of several of the dwarf and super dwarf retics of the subspecies Malayopython reticulatus jampeanus. It is one of, if not the all-time favorite of Garrett Hartle, and is one of those genetic mutations that has long been under-appreciated. It has been developed through selective breeding of bloodlines and genetic combinations to make the best use of its unique qualities. So far, very few recessive genes have been crossed into anery, and there is much left to do with this captivating morph.

In this video, Reach Out Reptiles will define the morph, show us several examples at all ages, and introduce us to some of the incomplete dominate combinations that have been made thus far.

This item was originally posted on October 9, 2019.