Best Post of 2019: ROR: Karompa Super Dwarf Retics

Jan 1, 2020
by Editor in Chief

YouTube - The rarest of all super dwarf reticulated python localities, the Karompa, has never been successfully reproduced in captivity, except to make crosses into other morphs and localities. These retics are said to be the smallest of all retics, with a very calm demeanor and great attitude (even as wild caught specimens), and also to have the most extreme color contrast and aberrant patterns among the localities. Hailing from a tiny island south of Sulawesi, this locale of mini retics is inherently always living on the brink of extinction. The very conditions that created this island form in nature are also their greatest threat. Watch this video from Reach Out Reptiles to learn more. This item was originally posted on January 24, 2019.

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