Beyond the Glass: Asian Vine Snake

Apr 19, 2019
by Editor in Chief

YouTube - The latest adventure with Myke and the crew places them out in the thick of the jungle, where they set out on foot to look for the Asian vine snake. The key to searching for vine snakes is movement in the trees. However, the combination of the snake’s camouflage and the strong wind speed forces the team to wait until sundown.

In the meantime, there is no shortage of animals. The team finds a maned forest lizard, a painted bronzeback snake, and more. One of the coolest finds of the night was the long tailed grass lizard. This little guy’s unique looking, long tail really helps it when hanging out on blades of grass.

Eventually, Myke spots what he is looking for – the Asian vine snake. He is able to spot the difference between this species and the other ones the team came across due to the distinct white stripes the snake features.

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