CBP: Furcifer Minor with Frank Payne

Jul 15, 2019
On the Web
by Editor in Chief

On the Web - Furcifer minor is a curious chameleon from 1100-1700 meters in elevation in the South Central Highlands in Madagascar. Normally, the female is a pleasant green with subtle yellow and salmon colors barely making an appearance here and there. When she is gravid it is like you are looking at a totally different chameleon. She will take on blacks, greens, yellows, reds, blues, and maybe even some violets. The male definitely looks like an entirely different species. It can be twice as large, cryptically colored brown, and with two large rostral blade horns.

Frank Payne is a long-time chameleon breeder who has chosen to do what is possible to make this species available to captive keeping. He offers chameleons and other reptiles under the name Living Art by Frank Payne. Bill Strand talks to him on this episode of Chameleon Breeder Podcast about his work with Furcifer minor.

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