Editor’s Choice: 2015 Legend Award – David and Tracy Barker

Feb 22, 2016
The Reptile Report
by Judy Clothier

The Reptile Report - It’s my honor and pleasure to announce the winners in our special 2015 Editor’s Choice categories. More special categories winners will come on Wednesday, Feb 24th, and all the primary category winners for Editor’s Choice will be announced on Thursday, Feb 25th. Reader’s Choice winners are coming on Monday, Feb 29th, so hold on to your seats for more exciting news coming soon!

David and Tracy Barker are truly legends in the herping world. Together, they have worked as zoo keepers, done international field studies and conservation work, kept the most diverse collection of pythons in the entire world, achieved the first captive propagation of many different python species, and many other critically important achievements. Through their numerous publications and shared personal experiences, they have probably taught the herping world more about pythons than anyone else.

Congratulations, Dave and Tracy! You have our sincerest thanks and deepest respect for your hard work, dedication, knowledge and wisdom.

Follow these links to read more about Dave and Tracy and VPI.

dave and tracy barker

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