Empire State Reptiles Live with Jay Brewer

Feb 25, 2017
On the Web
by Editor in Chief

On the Web - With a meager $500 inheritance and the guidance of his good friend and mentor “Uncle Louie,” Jay Brewer designed and built a small commercial fishing boat and started his first business. Using his skill, strength, and common sense, Jay ran a successful commercial fishing business for almost 10 years. All of this hard work at such a young age earned Jay the privilege of being featured in National Geographic Magazine. Jay then decided to leave the fishing business for something that would give him more time at home.

Jay’s long time passion was keeping and breeding the Indian python (Python molurus molurus), a rare and endangered snake. Once he had successfully bred them in his home, Jay decided to start up another business. This time it wasn’t just a survival instinct; it was doing something he loved. The 23-year-old Brewer and his wife bought Pet Country, a small pet store in Fountain Valley, California. With the success of the exotic breeding programs and a thriving wholesale/retail business, expansion was inevitable. This time Jay had a vision: To build a store that specializes only in reptiles and amphibians. His vision became a reality in April 1990, when he designed and built the first “Prehistoric Pets” in the city of Chino. With the confidence of having three successful businesses in a row, plans were soon under way to build the flagship store “Prehistoric Pets, the Fountain Valley Superstore”.  Ultimately Jay decided to completely close Pet Country to make way for the new 5000 square foot Prehistoric Pets Superstore and Reptile Zoo.

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