Facebook is purposely decreasing post reach…

Oct 27, 2012
The Reptile Report
by Robyn

The Reptile Report - For those of you that use Facebook as a marketing/outreach/business tool, you may have noticed decreased effectiveness over the last couple of months.

That is not your imagination, it is very real. Facebook is purposely decreasing post reach and effectiveness in order to push their paid “Promote” and “Sponsored Story” features. I did some googling about it, and found others confronting the same negative experience:


Our typical Facebook posts at The Reptile Report and Pro Exotics used to reach 25-30% of our Likes, as per the FB statistic spec beneath each post. Now typical posts reach less than 10% of them…

This new reality just happens to coincide with sales calls I am receiving from Facebook pitching their paid promotional/ad/banner campaigns- “Increase your reach!”.

Really poor strategy here on the part of Facebook. I realize it is an attempt to increase revenues through paid Sponsored stories and paid post Promotion, but the negative impact on usability and the user experience could be a fatal misstep.


check it out@ the online source
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