FTGU: Melissa Amarello and Jeff Smith, Advocates for Snake Preservation

Apr 23, 2019
by Editor in Chief

YouTube - Melissa Amarello and Jeff Smith are co-founders of Advocates for Snake Preservation. Advocates for Snake Preservation (ASP), is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the way people view and treat snakes. In 2017, they received the Jarchow Conservation Award for commitment and creativity in studying snake behaviors and tireless and continuous efforts to use scientific knowledge to advocate for snake conservation through outreach and social activism. Melissa received her B.S. in wildlife, watershed, and rangeland resources at the University of Arizona and her M.S. in biology at Arizona State University, where she studied rattlesnake social behavior. Jeff earned his B.A. in Biology and Spanish from Rice University and an M.S. in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from the University of Arizona.

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