Help Save the American Crocodile Sanctuary of Costa Rica

Sep 10, 2018
On the Web
by Editor in Chief

On the Web - On October 4-5, 2017 Tropical Storm Nate hammered Costa Rica causing massive flooding, landslides, chaos, and ultimately a level of destruction never before seen in Costa Rica. It was truly a 100-year storm. Sadly, the American Crocodile Sanctuary of Costa Rica received a direct hit. Dedicated to the conservation of the American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus), and founded by conservation biologist/crocodile specialist Shawn Heflick, the American Crocodile Sanctuary was all but leveled by floodwaters, which covered the sanctuary in 10ft of raging water. Fencing, wells, pumps, pump houses, 95% of the tropical gardens, irrigation lines, massive trees and equipment were all swept away in the ensuing destruction. Only the Crocodile Education Amphitheater and upper crocodile enclosures remained unscathed. Years of blood, sweat and tears were ripped away in one horrific evening, and just weeks before the sanctuary opened to the public.

You can help the American Crocodile Sanctuary rebuild by giving a monetary donation through their fundraising effort on GoFundMe. Monies raised will be put back into the rebuilding of this facility that is critical to Costa Rica’s ever growing conflict between humans and this amazing crocodile species, along with the continuation of the reforestation project and education programs. Please help us continue this dream, our passion, and a-one-of-a-kind conservation project in Costa Rica aimed at saving a spectacular creature that is maligned and sadly misunderstood.

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