Herp Nation Live- Wilson County Texas Snake Ban Update

Feb 22, 2013
Herp Nation Radio
by Robyn

Herp Nation Radio - Recently, ball pythons, along with all boas and pythons and all non-native venomous were summarily outlawed in Wilson County, Texas based on the testimony of a local veterinarian. Only problem was Jason Royer of Royer Reptiles, who is a lifelong resident of Wilson County, had plans to make a living breeding and selling ball pythons and other harmless species. Mr. Royer contacted the county commission and they obliged his request to speak against the ban at the next county meeting. Jason, along with a cadre of snake experts, defended the practice of captive breeding and ownership, and made real headway with the commission. In this video Herp Nation’s Dan Krull speaks with Royer about his experience and we see clips from the actual meeting. This is a great example of how a member of our community can stand up and defend his rights using common sense and truth to fight anti-snake prejudice.

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