Indiana Python Bill on Hold- Tony Gude

May 29, 2012
The Reptile Report
by Robyn

The Reptile Report - From the Gude’s Animal House site, Tony Gude has posted an update on the Indiana Python Ban:

“I have been in contact with Linda Lawson for about 4 months now. We were discussing how to refine this bill in an effort to make it “make sense” while maintaining a safe environment for our community. These were of course our main objectives. The goal for Representative Lawson was NOT to ban these reptiles, but honestly to make sure our communities were safe. I believe she just needed a little help in refining this bill. Having said that, I have some good news for now. This is a quote from Rep. Lawson earlier this morning. “As you know the bill did not receive a hearing last session . The only way this bill will ever see the light of day is if I resurrect it and that will not happen next year and I have no intentions of doing that. It doesn’t mean however, that I don’t believe that some changes and regulations need to occur with the ownership, sales and care of exotic animals but, it will not happen in the 2013 session.”

This is a win for Indiana for now. But I have confidence that if/when this comes back up, we can collaborate to help the community in a more realistic way. Thanks for everyone’s help!”

Read Tony’s full update as a one page PDF after the jump!

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