John Woolard Reptiles Blog- Eggs Have Arrived!

Feb 25, 2013
The Reptile Report
by Robyn

The Reptile Report - I am pleased to announce that the first eggs of the 2013 season are in the incubator. It was a long 44 days’ wait from the post-ovulation shed (POS) until I saw the first two eggs in the tub, but it was well worth the wait when I pulled the nine eggs out from under my favorite, silver-toned, Mojave female.

This girl is something special as she throws some very interesting offspring, so I am particularly excited about the genetics that are at work within these eggs; something I will keep under lock and key until they hatch.

While a clutch of nine eggs would typically lend itself to decent odds, even on the most elusive combinations, this clutch revealed three infertile eggs after candling; leaving me with six fertile eggs that show great veins…and hopefully contain what will become the morphs I’m after.

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