MPR: Justin Smith Talks Green Trees, Bredli and More

Feb 3, 2020
On the Web
by Editor in Chief

On the Web - You probably know Justin Smith best for his podcast called The Herpetoculture Podcast, but Justin wears many hats. Palmetto Coast Exotics is his own breeding business, he hosts another podcast called The ChondroCast, and in his spare time publishes a magazine with Billy Hunt called Herpetoculture Magazine. He has recently added another YouTube series called Snakes & Stogies.

Justin is on this episode of Morelia Python Radio to talk about his approach to keeping and breeding green tree pythons. He will also dive into some of his other projects like bredli and Baird’s rat snakes. Also hear about the content that he is realizing and where he sees the hobby going in the future.

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