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Apr 14, 2013
The Reptile Report
by Robyn

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Allan Riis, along with his friend Thomas Bendtsen, is the founder of the extremely popular World of Ball Pythons website. He lives in Denmark, where he’s been working with reptiles since 1989. He currently breeds ball pythons and keeps some hognose snakes as well.

His interest in reptiles started as a young child when his older brother came home with a new pet ball python. From the beginning, he was fascinated with how this legless, armless creature could make its way through the world. He was very fortunate to later attend a school that maintained its own zoo with numerous reptiles, including Burmese pythons.

In 2004, he started a website called and in 2006 started working specifically with ball pythons. He wanted to create a list, with photos, of all known ball python morphs, as well as a genetic wizard that could help breeders calculate the possible results of various morph combinations. With friend Thomas Bendtsen writing the code, they launched World of Ball Pythons (WoB) in 2009.

The Big Morph List at WoB currently has 2131 different morphs and combos, with more coming in all the time. WoB gets over 90,000 visits per month and about 1.5 million page views! The primary features at WoB are the Big Morph List, the Genetic Wizard, blogs, videos, and lots of ball python information. They’ve recently launched their own iPhone app for the Big Morph List.

In addition to WoB, Allan also heads up, which is the largest reptile forum in Denmark. They also have World of Retics and World of Hognose.

Allan has enjoyed some unique opportunities to travel. He attends various shows in Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, and Denmark. He’s also traveled to the US to attend the NARBC show at Tinley Park in October of 2012. Probably the most exciting trip was a recent WoB Ghana tour, where he and Thomas went to hunt for ball pythons in the wild.

Allan lives with his girlfriend, who also keeps ball pythons and geckos. They are thrilled to be expecting a new baby in November, 2013- the next generation of World of Ball Pythons.

Allan speaks Danish and English.

Allan is available to contribute in these areas:

  • television/video- yes
  • radio- yes
  • photography- yes
  • video production- yes
  • consulting- no
  • interviews- yes
  • referrals- yes
  • quotes- yes
  • writing- no
  • hosting- no
  • organization- no
  • breeding/husbandry info- yes
  • natural habitat info- yes
  • research- yes

He can be reached by email.


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