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Apr 14, 2013
The Reptile Report
by Robyn

The Reptile Report - Personalities- A Media Resource

My name is Ben Renick and like many other reptile enthusiasts my passion for reptiles started when I was young! I have been keeping and breeding reptiles for almost 20 years now, becoming Renick Reptiles Inc. in 2008.

Through the growth of my company I have worked with and bred over 25 species of python, boa, and colubrid. I have also worked with and bred various species of lizards along the way.

When I was first starting out my main focus was in the husbandry and care of green and yellow anacondas and reticulated pythons. Now I mainly focus on ball pythons although I am still heavily working with reticulated pythons and have started to branch into various other small species of python as well.

I have had my fair share of first genetic powerhouse combinations, proving out new genes, and bringing in new genetic lines from the wild. This has allowed me the honor to be published in books internationally such as Stefan Broghammer’s Python Regius and John Berry’s Designer Morphs. My animals have also frequented the pages of Practical Reptile Keeping magazine based out of the UK and I have appeared as a guest on various reptile radio shows.

As a company and reptile enthusiast I support USARK, PIJAC, and US Herp Alliance in their political battle to allow the reptile industry and keepers to continue doing what they love!

My main goal is to continue to grow and bring diversity to the reptile industry with quality animals that I would want to purchase, as well as offer sound advice so that others may be as successful in the care of their animals. I have produced thousands of stunning animals and with the support of my amazing family and the reptile community I hope to continue this for years to come!

I am available to contribute in these areas:

  • television/video- yes
  • radio- yes
  • photography- no
  • video production- no
  • consulting- yes
  • interviews- yes
  • referrals- yes
  • quotes- yes
  • writing- no
  • hosting- no
  • organization- no
  • breeding/husbandry info- yes
  • natural habitat info- no
  • research- no

I can be reached at

check it out@ the online source